Posted by: emapey | July 28, 2008

A Study on the Value and Feasibility of Pursuing Higher Education as an Adult

The purpose of the survey was to gain a statistically sound understanding of the views of American adults about the value and feasibility of pursuing higher education in adult life. The survey was conducted online from May 2 through May 15, 2006. Respondents included those with no college degree, as well as those with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The quotes used throughout the study are responses to two open-ended questions asked of all survey respondents: “What advice would you give to someone who wants to get more education, but just hasn’t taken the leap?” and “What difference do you think getting more education would make in your life?”
Source: Degrees of Opportunity



  1. Fear holds too many people back from doing the things they really want to do in life, such as return to college. You are NOT too old!No one will laugh at you!

    You have life experience that will enhance your studies, and in fact will likely make you a better student than your younger counterparts.

    If this is what you truly want, this is my advice:

    There is only one way to live:

    Feel the fear,
    Embrace the fear,
    Walk into the fear.

    Live your dreams now.

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