Posted by: emapey | August 3, 2008

Learn How to Learn, Major in Learning

Ever notice how many college graduates aren’t doing the jobs they were trained for in college? Was their education a failure? Not necessarily. College taught them how to think. So is there a danger in demanding that colleges measure the specific results of the courses they are teaching?
Source: Insidehighered

Our traditional school and corporate training systems primarily impart facts, information and procedures in an attempt to build these higher levels of learning. This is an incomplete model for fostering learning, yet it has become our framework for thinking about it. Learning is always personal and can only be learner-centered by that definition. To think we can impart learning to others is mistaken. We can only create learning environments and frameworks. We can motivate, guide and excite.
Source: Global Learning Resources

Google advice to students: Major in learning:

The need for reasoning, though, remains constant, so we believe in taking the most challenging courses in core disciplines: math, sciences, humanities.

And then keep on challenging yourself, because learning doesn’t end with graduation. In fact, in the real world, while the answers to the odd-numbered problems are not in the back of the textbook, the tests are all open book, and your success is inexorably determined by the lessons you glean from the free market. Learning, it turns out, is a lifelong major.


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