Posted by: emapey | August 11, 2008

Find a College That Needs You

There are some students we do want. Right now, our gender balance is skewed toward women, so we want men. And our student body is pretty white, so we want some racial and ethnic diversity. A couple of our facilities are in desperate need of an upgrade, so we want smart, motivated students we can show to some potential major donors and foundations. And our sports teams are terrible, so someone who can throw or kick a ball with some accuracy wouldn’t be amiss.

If you’re applying to college and wondering if a place is a good fit for you, don’t completely dismiss the publications as marketing b.s. They can be a pretty good, if not totally straightforward, window into what the school is looking for.
Source: D.O. Editing

VeriSimilitude commented:

For my bachelor’s degree, I had to leave a good state school for lack of funds but ended up finishing for FREE (as an independent adult) at a private college that negotiated a financial aid package for me with grants and scholarships. I refused to take out loans….

Find a college that needs you for some reason. My brother (white) got a degree for free at a historically black college to help with their quotas. I was willing to have a roommate with disabilities (for whom I cared in exchange for room and board and which gave me the leverage needed in negotiations on tuition and fees). If you have excellent academic credentials, are going into a field that is in desperate need of graduates (lots of stipend programs out there) or have some other special contribution, you are well-positioned for a free education.


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