Posted by: emapey | August 20, 2008

Types of Future Online College Students

The Future Online Learner report explores the results of a recent survey conducted for the purposes of identifying future trends in adult online higher education

Four types of future online learners were identified.

– Career Climbers are the most motivated segment. Young, junior-level professionals driven by career aspirations and future earning potential. They will be the first to enroll; 27% within six months and another 38% within the year. They are a prime market for online higher education providers.
– Perfection Seekers are accomplished, older professionals who are most interested in meeting their own expectations and doing the best job they possibly can. Perfection Seekers are ready to move promptly (39% within 12 months) and do not face financial barriers to continuing their education.
– Mid-Life Changers are the smallest group (17%). This type of learner is looking for something new and different. Older, with less education, less income, and less experience with technology; the Mid-Life Changer will require the most institutional support.
– Content Dreamers will one day be a likely online learner, but need not be targeted in the short-term. The Content Dreamer is young, well educated, and well compensated. They are interested in pursing additional continuing education credentials but they have a comfortable lifestyle and many family and work obligations. Most will consider enrolling in two or more years.
Source: Market Research Reports via: Career College Central


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