Posted by: emapey | August 25, 2008

Some Thoughts from Students About Online Education

2 Librarian bloggers, and also online students, posted their thoughts about online learning:

Meredith Farkas wrote:

– Too many programs have tried to just take regular courses and stick them online without different thinking about evaluation, teaching, etc.
– Faculty can really make or break a class.
– Other than discussion boards, there really aren’t many opportunities to build a sense of community among the distance learners.
– It is hard to feel connected to the school, to be mentored or even to know how to get help.

Jennifer Macaulay posted:

The bottom line is that based upon my limited experience with distance education, it is still a work in progress – and one that needs a great deal of work. I admit that in my current program, I feel very disconnected from the school, the ILS department and my fellow students – and I’ve discovered that this is really the biggest problem.

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