Posted by: emapey | November 9, 2008

Student Debt is Scary? Non Traditional Students Aren’t Afraid of Student Loans

Non Traditional Students aren’t afraid of taking college loans and debt to return to college during times of economic crisis. There is a discussion thread Debt is scary – student loans at the Go Back to College group, with excellent advice, from adult students:

bdyer61 Posted: Oct 29, 08 7:32pm

Until you know what’s up, why not just finish the paperwork and get in to the program. Once done, take one course only – and do not take out a loan for the full program. Most schools allow for more time than the “normal” 3 years to finish a program.

– Get your name in the system.

– One class to start out

– Do not take out a loan for the entire program – just worry about tuition and books for the one class.

You’re set. 🙂 Take your one class, as a grad student, while you gauge the economy and take care of the kids and so on.



  1. You given excellent idea for continuing education.
    Many face the problems of student loans. sometimes it happens they discontinue the education.

    Thanks for posting


  2. Student loans are a necessary evil since education is not usually affordable. I finished law school with $150,000 in student loans. That kind of debt tends to limit the types of jobs you can take.

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