Posted by: emapey | August 20, 2009

Peer to Peer Online Open Learning

The P2PU – Peer 2 Peer University

helps you navigate the wealth of open education materials that are out there, creates small groups of motivated learners, and supports the design and facilitation of courses. Students and tutors get recognition for their work

In practice, this means that the syllabus will each week consist of links to a number of readings or resources that are freely available online, as well as some guiding questions for discussions. After studying the material, the students will write answers to the reflection questions, and comment and engage with each others answers. Different subjects might lend themselves to different approaches, and different course organizers might experiment with different communication methods such as instant messaging, twitter, or voice chat. Regardless of the communication medium, much of the collaboration is captured for posterity to enter into student’s personal portfolio and accessible for future students who’d like to review what previous cohorts discussed.


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